Educate A Girl Campaign
Girls are the future mother of any society. Every girl that receives education is more likely to make education a priority for her children, its a ripple effect of a positive change in the community and a country" Tariq algurg Educate A Girl Campaign Counting on your generously to pump more girls to school in 2018 Extending the ripple effect I can't thank these kids enough the energy is powerful and their help has been overwhelming They have pledge their donations They make work just nothing but fun


Fundraising in Canberra
On behalf of Twic East Girls Scholarship Program, we are hereby inviting you to a fundraising event scheduled to take place on the 17th of March 2018 in ACT, Canberra. last time we were in Canberra the support we got was overwhelming, we hope Canberra community will give us the same support this year. In 2018 we have pledged to put more girls at school. It’s this call that we ask for your attendant and support on the day. We look forward to continue making differences in our beloved communities.


We are looking for Volunteers
While raising money is very crucial to our initiative creating awareness hold a far more value. More often we listen to the voices of adult that had experienced life but true magic happens when we listen to voice of a very young one like Adol Ajak Deng. These are the hands we would like to reach out for, intelligence that we would like to nourish and a future that we would like to give shape. The speech was given on TEGSP fundraising in Melbourne Australia. If you have a heart like that willing to help, please the team

About Our Program

TEGSP focus primarily on providing girls from under-privilege communities with comprehensive educational support that includes scholarship, mentoring and internship opportunities. It is projected that with the help of this program within the next three years, about 30-50% of the middle school students will be in high school and approximately 30-50% of high school young girls who would have been forced into early child marriage will successfully finish their high school certificates.

In three major refugee camps around East Africa, hundred thousands young girls have no access to formal education. These children are mostly from a war-torn countries such as South Sudan, Somalia and Darfur region. The conflict in these countries has brought upon humanitarian crisis like severe poverty, lack of education, and poor health. Girl in such countries faced significant barriers to learning, as girl education and gender equality are not of much value and many girls as young as 14yrs face early marriages, abduction, and rape. These and many others reasons blocked them away from acquiring basic learning skills that could brighten their future.

In many East African countries, TEGSP is committed to provides more access to education for young girls whose parents are not financially able to provide proper education. From early childhood education through primary school and beyond, our approach to education is holistic, ensuring children are not only taught how to read and write, but also shaped to be active members of their society. We choose girls who are not only at risk of dropping out of school due to lack of financial difficulties but also, girls who are at risk of early marriages or force marriage to boarding schools where they can focus primarily on education without more interferences.

TEGSP is currently operating in all states and territories of Australia and is run by volunteers who offer to share their own Australian privileges with other girls across the globes through sponsorship.

Over the period of two years in operation, TEGSP has managed to sponsor eight girls who are currently pursuing their studies at boarding schools in Kenya. Through TEGSP scholarship we have been able to create confidence and educated future leaders who will be aspiring mentors of their own lives and their communities.

How Does the scholarship work?

TEGSP send eligible recipients to boarding schools outside rural areas, IDPs and refugee camps for a period of four years. During this time students’ tuition and boarding fees, are fully covered by the program. parents, teachers, and TEGSP executive committee work together to ensure that this student get the best to learning over this period of four years.