Learning devices campaign

In 2020, the global pandemic, covid-19 has changed not only our lives but also our ways of learning and worse enough to the children at the refugee camps. Following the outbreak, the girls we have been working so hard to educate were sent home due to coronavirus crisis, some of which are doing their form four or end of their secondary education this year and the Kenya education systems has swiftly been transformed and learning was  transferred from face to face in class to online.

All learning materials including revision papers and classes are now being send through to parents/Guardians through WhatsApp in a soft copy and revision classes are being run online through zoom and as an organization we did not plan or prepared for this and presently all our fundraising, which is usually how we raise funds to support their learning have all been cancelled and rescheduled to 2021.

While every student faces this challenge in Kenya nationally, what is well different is the availability of learning devices which could make a huge different in their results later on when exams result come back. While we may not have control of other uncertainty, we can make sure that they continue their learning online by providing them with the learning gadgets. So, we decided to run a learning devices campaign to ask genuinely for a spare laptop, kindle or iPad or money to purchase these devices in Kenya. Luckily, we managed to raise some money and two laptops and we were able to provide these devices to our scholars in the refugee camp and were able to continue with their learning online.