• To fight poverty through girl’s education
  • To nurture young women in Twic East County to be independent, sensitive, confident lifelong learners and agents for change
  • To encourage young women through education to take lead in shaping their own futures and those of their families, communities and country
  • To encourage young women’s participation in development and promotion of peace and unity in Twic East County and South Sudan in general
  • To foster leadership among young women in their preparation as future leaders
  • To create a community where women and girls are given a chance to explore their talents
  • To revitalize the spirit of education among young girls of Twic East County

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To change the world
She is the key
To uplift societies
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To eradicate poverty
She has the answer
To improve families
Educate her

To recuperate health
She is the solution
To rid off child bride
Dare Educate her

To calm domestic violent
She has the answer
To improve maternity health
Educate her

Infant mortalities
She is the answer
Shrink rebellions
Educate her


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