Our First Online Fundraising

We would like to take this opportunity and extend our yawning gratitude to the good people of Facebook. 2 weeks ago we decided to launch an online campaign with the intention of raising funds as well as create awareness about “Girl education”. And for the last 18 days with the collective effort we managed to raise $2760 plus 15.70 cents from my little nephew and nieces so a total of 2775.70 cents all together, in conclusion the campaign was successful. Asking is difficult art particular if you re asking for money it’s so draining but The response was very overwhelming and I would like to thank our friends, families and everyone that has supported the campaign through liking our posts to sharing them to donating money as well as ideas. This campaign will officially cease by 11; 59pm tonight so still few more hours if you’re re willing to donate to the cause today.

To everyone that had the courage to put some money aside at their tied finances word can’t express our gratitude and In 2018 we would definitely sent more girls to form one just because you care. And to people that couldn’t that is ok when you re ready you can go to our website and CLICK ON DONATE BUTTON or let one of our team know and we can sent you the association account. I would also like to emphasize to TEGSP we wisher that the future of this organization lies on registering with and donate 5,10,15,20… weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and at the end of the financial year we can sent your tax to your address as a token of appreciation. To my little nieces and nephew thank you for all the late night drawing, shopping for stationaries, writing and making videos.


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