Our Vision and mission

Our vision is to empower young women through education and encourage them to be lifelong agents of change in their life, families and their country.

To provide and maximize educational opportunity to young girls from financial disadvantage background in Kakuma Refugee Camp by rewarding them with four years scholarship to finish their high school studies in Kenya boarding schools.


Twic East Girls Scholarship is committed to encourage young women through education to take lead in shaping their own futures and those of their families, communities and country


Twic East Girls Scholarship Program Aim to nurture young women to be independent, sensitive, confident lifelong learners and agents for change


Twic East Girls Scholarship Program seek to encourage young women’s participation through education in development and promotion of peace and unity in their respectful countries.


Twic East Girls Scholarship Program aim to create a community where women and girls are supported and given a chance to explore their talents