Have you ever listened to a speech from 10 years old girl speaking about Girls Education?, Very inspiring

While raising money is very crucial to our initiative creating awareness hold a far more value. More often we listen to the voices of adult that had experienced life but true magic happens when we listen to voice of a very young one like Adol Ajak Deng. These are the hands we would like to reach out for, intelligence that we would like to nourish and a future that we would like to give shape. The speech was given on TEGSP fundraising in Melbourne Australia. If you have a heart like that willing to help, please joint the team

Check This link for the speech

Educate A Girl Campaign?

Girls are the future mother of any society. Every girl that receives education is more likely to make education a priority for her children, its a ripple effect of a positive change in the community and a country” Tariq algurg Educate A Girl Campaign Counting on your generously to pump more girls to school in 2018. Extending the ripple effect We can’t thank these kids enough the energy is powerful and their help has been overwhelming They have pledge their donations They make work just nothing but full of Promising

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To change the world
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To eradicate poverty
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To recuperate health
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To calm domestic violent
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Infant mortalities
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